Our TORR Glass Hopper for Eureka Mignon is something the community has been looking forward to for a long time. We are thrilled to welcome the MIGNON Glass at the TORR TOYS portfolio soon


Glass Hopper For Eureka Mignon

  • Handmade with Love

    Our products are handmade as far as possible, using artisanal skills from the past and high-tech as well. Each of them a unique piece. 

  • Add-on for your grinder

    A high-quality add-on for your MIGNON grinder made from fine materials. There are 3 items for backers: 1) Standard Hopper 2.) MultiColor Art Hopper 3.) Filling Funnel

  • Art 4 all senses

    You will love your new Mignon X-TRA made from handmade glass as your whole coffee set-up will be upgraded. It´s Art for all senses. 

  • Made for Mignon Lover

    The MIGNON is one of most famous small professional coffee grinders, even better after the relaunch in 2018. We make Glass Hoppers for the worldwide MIGNON lovers.  

  • Hand Blown Glass

    Hand-blown glass offers unlimited options concerning colors, designs and quality. You can´t compare it to anything else.

  • Worldwinde easy shipping

    As for the low weight of this hopper we can ship multi-protected & worldwide for a very nice price as a registered letter/parcel. 

  • No need for Tools

    No need for tools. You can quickly change the hopper in seconds without any big tools, just a screwdriver in the worst case. It´s easy and it works.

  • H-H-H

    Handmade, Hand-Blown & High-Quality craftsmanship - a  design to last. This hopper offers high value for the money.

  • Crypto Payment

    You can make payments via Credit Card, Skrill, Bitcoin, or any other well known CryptoCurrency and PayPal. Crypto details on demand. Credit Cards will be charged at the end of the campaign. 

  • Early Bird & Quantity Discounts

    There are more discounts possible, please check the Buy Product info. 

  • Old Mignon vs New Mignon

    The hopper fits for Eureka Mignon old and new model. Please provide your grinder model with the order. 

  • Quick answers

    More NEWS? Please follow our Telegram Channel @TORRxMIGNON


Great value comes from a small body. This grinder deserves a precious hopper and it is round!

It´s ready when it´s good!

...and it´s good when all the parts are good


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Metal: Stainless Steel & Black Aluminium

Stainless mirror-gloss & black-matt. That´s it and it´s your choice for lid & glass adapter


For which models can I use the MIGNON Glass Hopper?

They can be used for all, new modified Eureka Mignon models like: PERFETTO, SPECIALITA, SILENZIO, DESIGN, FILTRO, CRONO, BREW PRO, MANUALE...

We will inform you about the options for the old MIGNON model soon because the spread is wide for already many years. Please provide your grinder model with the order. 

What´s the difference between "OPTICS" - "Spiral" & "PUR" Glass?

The "Optics" Design (vertical & spiral/twisted) is made with the help of a particular mould. It´s a kind of pattern pressed into the hot glass. See: Designs or Product Page 

"PUR" Glass is plain glass without any pattern. It can be colorful or crystal transparent. 

Can I easily switch the Hopper for my EUREKA MIGNON Grinder?

Yes, remove the plastic hopper and mount the new TORR TOYS Glass Hopper without any tools. The Glass Hopper will fit perfectly. 

Why is the Glass Hopper round, not squared like the OEM plastic hopper?

A squared Glass Hopper is not easy to produce. Furthermore, the possibilities are not that diverse concerning the colors and designs. In the end, we also lose the benefits and the beauty of the hand-blown glass productions and its quality and beauty when we make it squared. As the MIGNON is a very colorful varied grinder, we decided to go for the round version. Maybe one day....

Is the glass sturdy and what can I do if the glass cracks?

The glass is quite sturdy and will not crack easily. The glass is approx. 4-7 mm thick. If that worst case might happen, we will have the chance to offer a new hopper for an excellent price. Please send back the metal parts of your broken hopper in return to refurbish.  

What´s the size and the volume of the hopper?

The hopper is made for approx. 230g of coffee, the all-over size will not exceed the sizes of your grinder with its OEM plastic hopper. Please check exact specs and measures in the product description and FACT SHEET. 

What kind of materials do you use for the hopper?

We only use hand-blown glass made by real artisans plus stainless steel and anodized aluminium for the adapter and lid, depending of the design, model and colors of the hopper. 

I don´t want a hopper, is there a Single-Dosing option?

Yes, we also offer this Filling Funnel only which is the Glass Adapter at the same time. It´s perfect for Single-Dosing. 

How can I pay and when will it be charged?

You can pay with all payment methods - Credit Cards will be only charged manually at the end of the campaign. You can also use PayPal or even Bitcoin or any other method. 

Can I also switch the hopper options later, after having placed the order?

Yes, your can make your final decision later of course but it would be great to know about the final order until August. 

Where do you ship from and how?

We will ship from our company in Portugal. One hopper will be less than 2 KG total so that we can offer low shipping prices via Postal Service as a Registered Letter. 

Can I use any other shipping service or EXPRESS?

Yes, we can use other shipping methods like UPS, DHL EXPRESS, TNT and similar. However, those are more expensive and we will charge the difference in price. 

Are there any additional fees or taxes?

As we are going to ship from Europe, there will be no fees inside the EU. If your location is outside the EU, there will usually be a local VAT and/or customs fee which depends on the local law. If there are special rules we have to follow when we ship your hopper, provide us with the details. 

Ask Anything & Contact

If there is any further question, please let us know by mail: or Telegram @TORRTOYS

Please check also our Telegram Channel: @TORRxMIGNON

Contact: TORRTORR TOYS, LDA - - mail: - TAX-ID: PT513918817

  • glass production


Hand-Blown Glass 4-7mm 

Different Colors & Patterns 

Size Hopper: approx ø10,5 x 11 cm 

Size Total: 32 cm H

Volume: approx. 230 g Beans

Lid: INOX Glossy or Aluminium Black 

Adapter: INOX Glossy or Aluminium Black

Weight Hopper: 700g - 1000g + Packaging

Shipping EU 15 EUR - Worldwide 25 EUR

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After a successful campaign end of April, we are going to start like this

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